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Who We Are

Hey there, we are a couple of parents from Texas celebrating life with kids. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re parents too and just as exhausted as we are, and yet we all can’t stop doing things with and for our little monsters. And shopping for them is so much fun, particularly when you don’t even have to get out of your lounging clothes to go to the store.

Our Daughter is now 1 year old and we just got fed up with paying $28 for a cute t-shirt or outfit that she'll only wear once.  That is, if she doesn’t put spaghetti sauce on it the first time she wears it and then, you know, that’s that. 

So, we spent some time talking to other parents and researching alternatives to the usual brand name stores, and we figured out that if we were to connect you directly with the designer or manufacturer we could bring you the cutest, trendiest clothes for kids at prices that we could all afford. 

Thus, The Land Of Elephants was born: a hand-picked selection of baby + toddler + preschooler kids clothing at the lowest prices possible.

How It Works

We cut out the middle man distributor, so your order will ship directly from our manufacturers and design partners to your door. Some of our partners are based in the US, while others are located in various regions across Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America. 

By shipping directly from the manufacturers to you, we are able to deliver to you daily deals of more than 50% off retail prices.  The one thing to note is that your order won’t show up at your door the next day (Amazon really spoiled us all!) but will take somewhere around 7-30 days, depending of the shipping location. Often it’s much faster than that but we want you to plan appropriately. 

Every day we are busy adding new items to our selection, so join our email list to keep up with what's being released and the exclusive deals we offer our most loyal customers.